We would like to invite fans of skiing and mountaineering
to the attractive form of sport and recreation that is
ski touring and alpine skiing. It is the combination of physical activities
related to winter tourism, ski trekking and downhill skiing.

Skitury, skialpinizm

  • Thanks to special ski equipment customized for mountain hikes and the help of our guide, who leads the group, you can wander along the most beautiful Tatra trails in the winter, visiting the most famous valleys and climbing the passes and peaks of the Tatra Mountains.
  • This offer is directed to people who are able to ski on their own and want to expand their horizons in new disciplines of skiing.
  • The selection of the hiking routeitailored to the skill level and physical condition of the group, current weather conditions and preferences of our customers.
  • Our packages include tours of varying difficulties; for beginners, we recommend a walk through the Tatra valleys, while we invite our advanced athletes to take on the Tatras’ more demanding passes, cumulating in an intense downhill ride.



Ski touring equipment – general information



Have a special design, are soft-fitted and very light. Their weight is much less than the weight of standard downhill skis and starts at about 600 g.


Have a special structure and regulation. When putting on the skis, you set the bindings so that you can release the heel to allow freedom of movement. When getting ready to go downhill, you lock the back of the bindings, which keeps the entire boot stable (the heel does not rise), which gives you a smooth ride down, like in downhill skiing.


Like with the rest of the equipment, they are very light. Their advantage is the ability to adjust within the ankle joint to ensure your comfort during the approach and maximum stability during descent.


A necessary piece of equipment that allows you to go uphill. They are made of synthetic material, and are mounted on the skis using special hooks and adhesive. Thanks to their special properties, the skins prevent the skis from slipping backwards, even during a very steep approach.


The set consists of three components: a detector, probe and shovel. To ensure safety during the trip, this is standard and mandatory equipment for each participant.



Offer – Ski Mountaineering – Ski Tour Package


  • The assistance of a skilled guide
  • Rental of a ski touring set - skis, boots, poles, skins
  • Rental of an avalanche set - detector, probe, shovel
  • The trip takes from 5-7 hours on a predetermined route
  • Souvenir photos of the trip recorded on DVD
  • Packed lunch (sandwiches, drinks, fruits, sweets)
  • Transfer of the client to and from a designated location
  • Free gift: Tatra Mountains and Zakopane Multimedia Album



3-4 people – 1.600 pln

5-6 people – 1.990 pln

7-8 people – 2.350 pln

Contact and reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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